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Yildiz Entegre, qualified as a flagship of Yildizlar Yatirim Holding having gone down to transnational area and become one of the largest manufacturers of the world within short period of time with its moves developing the Turkish industrialism, was established in 1982. Yildiz Entegre, having gained a constant place in the Turkish economy thanks to its export and employment power, has proved its ability of competition in global scale in line with the mission of being a dynamic star of the forestry products sector. Today, Yildiz Entegre A.S., exporting the products manufactured in 6 factories within the body of Yildiz Entegre to nearly 50 countries, realizes the most developed solutions as the constant market leader of the sector
Yildiz Entegre, the MDF Production leader of Turkey, is manufacturing MDF, Melamine Coated MDF, Particle Board, Melamine Coated Particle Board, Laminate Flooring, MDF Door, Dyed MDF, Dyed Particle Board, MDF Cabinet Cover, Doorskin, Impregnated Décor Paper and Glue in the forestry products sector, the initial subject of activity of Yildizlar Yatirim Holding. 

Yildiz Entegre, one of the largest manufacturers of the sector in the global area, shows its difference with its high-quality, reliable and user-friendly products in its facilities erected on an area of total 1,184.994 m2 and by customizing the living spaces special to the persons. Each product, manufactured in the assembly line at Yildiz Entegre facilities working with the production capacity of 9.000 m3/day, eases the life at our houses, workplaces and in the social areas. 
Yildiz Entegre, keeping in face-to face touch with its customers and trustfully standing behind its products, offers customized solutions to its customers with its wide range of products. As per the after-sales policies, Yildiz Entegre responds to all the demands of its customers relating to the products in the shortest time and in the fastest manner as possible. 
Our Factories within the body of Yıldız Entegre;




Dream that you are the biggest of all in the world. We also dreamed about it; we accomplished our dream; and did our country proud. Our Kocaeli factory, erected on total area of 384.120 m2 and having a production capacity of 4200m3/day, is the largest MDF complex of the country located under one single roof. At our Kocaeli MDF Factory, each assembly line of which has advanced technology, we manufacture MDF, Melamine Coated MDF, Particle Board, Melamine Coated Particle Board, Laminate Flooring, MDF Door, Dyed MDF, MDF Cabinet Cover, Doorskin and Impregnated Décor Paper.




Mersin MDF Facilities is the door of Yildiz Entegre opening to the Middle Eastern and North African markets. At Mersin MDF Factory, erected on a land of 239.120 m2 in Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone, manufacturing with the capacity of 1,500m3/day and commissioned in May 2012, MDF, Laminate Flooring, Formaldehyde Urea, Urea Formaldehyde Resin, Melamine Formaldehyde Resin, Brilliant and Opaque Panels and Impregnated Décor Paper are manufactured.




Our Manisa Particle Board Factory, erected on a land of 314.934 m2, operating with the production capacity of 2,000m3/day, first started to manufacture particle board in July 2012. At our facilities, Glue, Formaldehyde, Melamine Coated Particle Board and Dyed Particle Board have been manufactured besides Particle Board.




The first steps by Yildiz Entegre to manufacture particle board were taken by Bolu Particle Board Factory. Bolu Particle Board Factory, one of the first particle board factories of Turkey since its foundation in 1976, was acquired by and merged into Yildiz Entregre Family. Our Factory currently operates with the daily production capacity of 1,300m3 on a land of 147.652 m2.




Yildiz Entegre, being a world star, got beyond the borders and started manufacturing activities abroad, continued to add value to our country. At our Romania Factory located in Romania Pitesti /Oarja Region and erected on a land of 460,000 m2, MDF, Laminate Flooring, Impregnated Décor Paper, MDF Door, Melamine Coated MDF and Particle Board will be manufactured.




Yildiz Entegre Russia Factory, aiming at offering services and products to particularly Russia and Turkic Republics would be constructed on a land of 1,500,000 m² in Vladimir Region. At our Russia MDF Factory, to employ total number of 3000 persons, 500,000 m3 of MDF production, 700,000 m3 of particle board and laminate flooring of 30 million m2 would be manufactured annually.




Strategic investment beyond the borders…


Yıldız Entegre USA, INC., as raw material producer and supplier of the group companies, is one of the most important logistic investments of Yildiz Entegre.




Wilmington NC Facility, established in July 2011 and erected on a land of two hectares in Wilmington Seaport, is the raw material producer and supplier of the group companies. It is responsible for converting the wood supplied from American suppliers into chips and offering these chips for sale. Yildiz Entegre directly carries out the purchase of chips it needs, by means of this company established for this purpose.




According to the increasing raw material needs, Yildiz Entegre USA Theodore, AL Branch came into operation in October 2015. Our facility located in Alabama State Thedore is the supplier of raw materials needed by our group companies. The production is carried out outside of the seaport and transferred to the seaport for warehousing.


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